Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stormalong Bay at Night

This is one of the nation's largest sand bottom pools.

Stormalong Bay is a beachside water recreation area that offers up 3 acres of aquatic fun for the whole family. Catch currents in an expansive sand-bottomed pool or a lazy circular river, explore the "Shipwreck" and slide down one of the highest hotel waterslides at Walt Disney World Resorts, or simply lie out on the elevated tanning deck and soak up the sun's golden rays. Stormalong Bay's 750,000 gallons of water comprises an impressive complex of pools.

Dec. 25, 2008
04:21 am


F-stop: f/3,1
Exposure time: 1/3 sec
focal Length: 8mm
Max Aperture: 3,3

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